What are the duties of a solicitor?

It is not enough to just take the assistance of a solicitor. Whether you have hired them from your locality or from any other location, you need to be aware about the duties of a solicitor, so that you would not be cheated. Here we are mentioning the components around which their duties revolve.

  • Disclosure
    Solicitor’s fee is the main aspect that need to be considered. Your solicitor must tell you in black and white about his fee and the other expenses before the starting of the project. Once an agreement is signed between you, your solicitor need to send timely bills and information of the work for which he has charged you.
  • Privacy
    The conversations and documentation related to your case should remain confidential and should be revealed in the necessary situations. Solicitors need to follow rules for the maintenance of such files.
  • Clients instructions
    A solicitor cannot take any decision on his own, he need to carry out the instructions given by the client but that should also be in accordance with law.
  • Updates
    Solicitors must make their clients know about each and every update of the matter in written. He should consider the clients’ opinions and provide them the advice about the best action that can be taken. In case clients opinion does not match with the course of action, solicitor should treat his clients politely and assist them in the having the understanding about law. 

Solicitors or an advocate always need to act honestly in the interests of their clients. One of their most important aim while working for a client is to build the client’s confidence. It is understood that for becoming a solicitors there are particular educational requirements and also a solicitor can specialise in a single field. For instance, he may be a property solicitor or a solicitor for the elderly people issues or any other. So, solicitors should deal in the cases only for which they have the required proficiency or they are legally valid.

A Birmingham based legal firm were representing the worlds largest taxis booking apps partner for taxis in Birmingham due to a competitor not being happy with the work that they were attracting.

To cut a long story short the company representing Birmingham City Taxis forgot there duties as a solicitor and breached the privacy laws, not only did this have a terrible repercussion for there client it had a terrible effect on the legal firms reputation and business.