It’s a beautiful day, why not?

The weather recently has been perfect! No rain, just gorgeous sun. This weather is every sports people’s dream! Plymouth is perfect for adventures and with 100s of routes to choose from, anything you fancy doing, cycling, horse riding, motor biking, walking, running or even water sports, Plymouth has it all available at your fingertips!

Go walking

Why not walk along the breath taking coastline, over the luscious green countryside or take a stroll through the beautiful thick woodlands of Plymouth? Walking through these beautiful places allows you to really take in the fresh air and gives you all the time in the world to gaze your eyes upon the wonders of the world.

Go riding

Why not get on your bicycle or hop onto a motorbike and take to the roads? There is so much to explore in Plymouth so why not make it easier and get more in whilst keeping fit and healthy at the same time! There are so many cycling routes in and around Plymouth that you can choose from and there are many, many places to ride your motorbike too.

Hop on that horse and gallop off into the sunset

Imagine, galloping down the coastline, looking out to sea… what an amazing experience that would be right? Why not bring your horses down to Plymouth or go to an equestrian and ride one from there?

Walking and cycling through Plymouth is one thing but sharing the experience with others around you and trotting through quiet villages, leafy woodlands, fresh sea air routes or beautiful sunset countryside is just unreal. With most of Plymouth being a nature reserve and being horse friendly, there are many, many places to ride your house.

Cycling in Plymouth

Cycling can be an exhilarating sport at the best of times but, cycling somewhere that has an unbelievable scenic view and has the roads that your bike can just glide along, really makes it a journey worthwhile.

Don’t have a bike?

If you don’t have a bike or don’t have yours with you, why not hire one for the day? There are so many places in and around Plymouth that offer great deals for hiring out a bike! Plymouth Bike Hire offer great deals all year around and also help you with advice on what routes to take by what kind of scenery you’re looking for!

Plymouth Bike Hire will also help you determine your route by finding out what kind of level you’re at. If you’re with small children then a route that is uphill, through water or over mountains isn’t something you want to get stuck doing!

Looking for a family cycle route?

Plymbridge Woods is a great place to cycle if you are doing the route with your family! The Plymbridge Woods route is easy for children as it offers smooth routes and scenic views for all to enjoy!

The Plymbridge Woods route offers a gorgeous cycle ride which follows the old Great Western Railway! Starting from the very edge of Plymouth, you start off with stunning woodlands, over intriguing viaducts, towering quarries and end up out in the beautiful, breath taking open countryside. This route is just wonderful, yourself and the kids will love it!

If you’re struggling to find the right route for you, have a look on a website called ‘Map my Ride’. The website tells you every route in Plymouth and how hard it is, how many miles it will take you to complete it and the elevation.

Whatever route you decide to take, Plymouth offers stunning scenic views for everyone to enjoy and offers places to go and have a break or something to eat. It really is one of the best places to cycle.