Making the most of wood

Using your wood to the maximum

Did you know that your wood burning stove doesn’t have to be used for just heating up your home? Using your wood burning stove to cook is also possible as long as you use the right appliances as a roofing company from Plymouth found out.

How is it possible?

If your wood burning stove has a circular plate or a flat surface, you can easily cook food on it! You can use it to boil the kettle or use it to cook food in a pot! You can do all of this whilst receiving heat from the fire burning below.

What can you cook?

On a wood burning stove, you can do anything from boiling water, heating up soup or noodles and even using it to do more serious dishes such as a slow-cooked dish like a stew or slow cooking lamb!

What do I use to cook?

We recommend that you use a cast iron pot to cook with and as the temperature is uncontrollable, it is best to use a metal trivet or a cast iron trivet to put under the pot. The food will cook slower depending on how many trivets you have underneath. You can also decrease the heat by moving the pot outwards. This will take it away from the hottest part which you will find in the middle of the flue.

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